About Hargrave Walton

Hargrave Walton is the most common pen name of a Canadian writing duo, who use a variety of psuedonyms, including Jeanne H Walton, S Hargrave, S Hargrave-Walton, Jeanne Hargrave-Walton, and the Hargrave-Waltons. But you can just call them Hargrave and Jeanne. Most of what they write centres around abnormal psychology, family dynamics, feminism, and criminal investigations — but sometimes they also write about cats.


Hargrave has a Bachelor of Science (Honours) in psychology, which is what builds the foundation of all her characters and stories. Along with an extensive knowledge of historic murder cases, pop culture, and abnormal psychology, her writing is shaped by a precise understanding of the nuances of language and the subtle ways that word choice can reveal more than what is actually said. She met Jeanne fifteen years ago and has been writing with her ever since, bringing the literature they love to the style they’ve crafted together.

If you know anything about Hargrave, you know that she loves books. Books and cats. She reviews some of her extensive collection of classic and antiquarian books (and takes a lot of cat pictures) over at Old Paper & Cats.


Jeanne is a jack-of-all-trades that spends far too much time researching just about everything. Writing has always been a passion for her rather than one of her many hobbies. As a teenager, Jeanne met Hargrave. Since then, Hargrave has been at least a peripheral part of every story she’s written and a part of every piece of Jeanne’s life. Jeanne’s fiction reworks the experiences the two of them have gone through into stories that try to capture the spirit rather than the exact circumstances of two people slowly growing into one.

Her English degree qualifies her to read books really well — and that’s about it. All the rest of her skills are self-taught. For a living, she edits books and builds and manages websites.

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